College introduction
School of Continuing Education of Shandong University of Finance and Economics offers training for adult certification training, self-study adult higher education and various social training. It consists of offices, educational administration department, examination department, enrollment department, correspondence department, training department, and office of student work. The staff office and the self-study exam and social examination service center are affiliated to School of Continuing Education. At present, teaching staff includes 29 people, in which 22 people own Master degrees or high degrees, 19 have titles of associate professor or higher.

School of Continuing Education of the university consists of the former School of Continuing Education of Shandong Financial Institute and the former School of Adult Education of Shandong Economic Institute. Therefore, the school combines the educational resources, management experiences and teaching characteristics of the former two institutes and it forms an adult educational system featured with the diversification of school running, the school level diversification, professional curriculum, standard teaching materials and computerization of management techniques, etc. The school is one of the first 50 demonstration bases approved by the Ministry of Education. It offers characteristic adult education courses in accounting, finance, business management, and other 20 various courses such as enterprise financial accounting, basic accounting, cost accounting, advanced financial management, advanced financial accounting, finance and securities investment.

The school has correspondence stations in 17 cities of Shandong province, Wulumuqi and Nanning, Guangxi. It has powerful online teaching platform which offers convenient and permanent online education. With support of Shandong University of Finance and Economics, the School has improved its teaching quality and gradually becomes a permanent educational base for staff from local taxation authorities, financial system and accountants.

Adult certification education has three levels: upgrading from junior college student to university student; finishing junior college and university studies at the same time; junior college studies. And studies should be finished in two ways: correspondence or part time learning. Junior college studies offer different courses like accounting, fiscal management, financial management and practice, finance and insurance, business management, human resource management, marketing, legal affairs, electronic commerce, the computer application technology, logistics management, public affairs management, administrative management and economic management, etc. The project of finishing junior college and university studies at the same time offers courses like accounting, finance, business management and law, etc. The project of upgrading from junior college student to university student offers courses like accounting, fiscal management, finance, insurance, business management, human resource management, marketing, international economy and trade, law, information management and information system, logistics management, public management and administrative management, etc. At present, there are more than 10,000 registered students.

The school is the financial examination center for adult self-study education and it has two levels: junior college studies and undergraduate studies. It is also an exam center for Shandong provincial computer grade examination. The School of Continuing Education has repeatedly won honorary titles such as the "advanced group of national self-study examination of higher education", and the "advanced group of the Province's self-study examination of higher education" .

The school also develops with great efforts non-certificate education. It gives full use of its advantages and considers the social needs, therefore, it offers various social examination training and services such as short term training, continuing education for accountants and accounting certification exam training, etc. Since July, 2011, the school has organized various training at different levels for the central government liaison office in Hongkong, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, Local Taxation Bureau of Shandong Province, , the insurance industry association of Shandong Province, Shandong branch of Bank of Communications, Financial Bureaus of Zaozhuang, Binzhou, Laiwu and Anhui Shexian Local Taxation Bureau, etc. Its quality of education has been generally recognized.